King Midas and the Golden Touch

King Midas

When I speak about deep understanding of deep meaning, I usually explain the concepts, argue for their business relevance, and then invite my audience to practice the process of developing a deep understanding of deep meaning by looking for it within a story. For the real-time interactive experience, I usually raise some business questions to define…

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What’s Deep Understanding of Deep Meaning?

The Thinker

How important is deep understanding of the deep meaning of a business challenge? Have you ever tried to be effective without the clarity, specificity, and insight that anchor deep understanding of deep meaning? Have you ever found yourself and your colleagues not knowing what you were doing or why?

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Three Little Pigs Do Three Construction Projects

Do you know and remember the story of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf? If you grew up consuming English language nursery lore, you might. But if not, don’t worry: I’m going to review enough of it for you to understand why the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf constitute…

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The Story That Faked the Facts

Think about how you are making decisions. If you had the right approach, imagine the opportunity to optimize and tap into the powerful forces that lead to success.

Indeed there is power in data, yet In our hyper-competitive business environment today, is the power of story an edge that you may not be able to afford to ignore? Read on for a cautionary tale!

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What Was Sgt. Joe Friday Really Thinking?

Do you want to take the facts that define your story to the next step—the interpretation that helps you first to understand the challenge and then to define and deliver an effective solution—based on a deep understanding of the facts and the context that surrounds them?

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