Good Requirements Management is Essential to Project Success

Yet many organizations do not adequately invest in it.

Do you embrace Requirements Management as Central to Project Success?


of unsuccessful projects fail to meet goals due to poor Requirements Management.


of organizations report not having adequate resources to do Requirements Management properly.


of organizations report not doing very well or anything at all in the critical area of Requirements Management skills development.

For organizations to deliver projects successfully, they need to be really good at business analysis, and to be really good at business analysis, they must have expertise in Requirements Management.

(PMI’s Pulse of the Profession: Requirements Management — A Core Competency for Project and Program Success, August 2014)

Developing the business analysis skills needed for effective Requirements Management leads to better project performance.

(PMI’s Pulse of the Profession: Requirements Management — A Core Competency for Project and Program Success, August 2014)

High performer organizations are significantly more likely to have the necessary resources in place to improve Requirements Management process.

(PMI’s Pulse of the Profession: Requirements Management — A Core Competency for Project and Program Success, August 2014)

Group Atlantic Consultants Help You

Develop Skills

Develop the employee skills needed for effective Requirements Management, and get the necessary resources in place for successful projects and programs.

Improve Performance

Learn the tools, techniques and structure that will allow your team to consistently create focused, traceable requirements that increase project success.

Mature Process

The RRRN maturity model helps you define what successful Requirements Management means for your organization. Establishing well understood goals and milestones throughout your journey greatly enhances your chances of successful improvement.

Group Atlantic Delivers Value

“I used Group Atlantic to deliver courses and consulting on requirements management. Their methods helped with a significant transformation and positive results. The values achieved included:

1) improved communications between business development and product engineering,

2) faster prioritization of product release planning, and

3) less rework in defining requirements.

I have confidence that Group Atlantic delivers what it promises.”

~ Robert W. Ferguson, 3Com

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“Group Atlantic’s High Performance Teams Training taught by Scott Stribrny is the best training you can get for your teams.  This training coaches the team through creating a shared mindset for defining values, responsibilities and providing and giving feedback.  Practicing the principles in this training builds a solid team vision for where they need to be and how to get there.  Within weeks, teams are functioning as one.  Scott and the training completely exceeded expectations and is highly recommended.”

~ Keith T., Walgreen Co.

“Since our training I completed use cases/requirements for a new version of one of our existing systems.  

We had a meeting today where we compared IT's estimates to actuals for different project phases.  IT had allotted 65 hours for requirements review (based on historical data) & our actual hours were only 16. 

Our VP jumped on it right away & asked why.  It was noted that the major factor was the solidity of the requirements & not as much time needed for clarification, etc.

Obviously, this is largely due to the training we received from you & the new methods we have incorporated into writing the use cases/requirements since attending your workshop.  So, thank you for that!"

~ Jenny Bucek, TMP Directional Marketing, Inc.

“Use Cases: Bridging the Requirements Gap" is definitely appropriately named for this workshop. It really did bridge the gaps in our requirements processes!

This workshop provided the insights of an "ambiguity removal tool" that our team has used with great success and consistency subsequent to the completion of this class.

It has become almost second nature for our BSA team members to use Use Cases to paint a picture that is easily understood by our stakeholders."

~ Brian Quon, CCC Information Services, Inc.

 Improve Requirements Management Capability


Have an experienced Group Atlantic consultant support the roll-out of an effective process, protocols & procedures with practice standards & guidelines tailored to your organization.

Understand Current State

Understand & document current state processes, from requirements elicitation to requirements analysis, validation & management.

Measure Baseline Performance

Define appropriate metrics for determining a baseline of current processes.

Define Desired State

Define the desired state with standards, templates, training, reviews, changes, prioritization & tools.

Identify & Prioritize Gaps

Define the gap between current state and desired state.

Plan Improvement Actions

Develop a set of action plans to achieve the business outcomes of desired state.

Implement & Validate Outcomes

Implement the recommendations and validate business outcomes.


Need an Expert?

Sometimes you just need additional expertise, an outside independent opinion –  to make the difference.

Our experts are available to help you address common challenges:

  • Conducting a requirements capability maturity review
  • Developing requirements change strategies
  • Evaluating and selecting requirements management tools

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Thought leadership to achieve business results of exceptional quality and lasting value.

Your organization can mitigate the negative impact that poor requirements management has on projects and programs, and the financial waste that result.


With Group Atlantic expertise your organization’s focus on people, processes and culture can significantly help to ensure requirements management is employed as a core competency for project and program success.