'Market Powered Innovation & Growth' webinar (2/16, American Society for Quality, Illiana Section)

'"7 Traits Good Project Managers Share: Do You Have Them?" webinar (3/2, American Society for Quality, Fox Valley Section)

'Becoming A Better Leader' half-day workshop (3/11,  Group Atlantic, Inc.)

"Managing Change: Leveraging the Nature of People”webinar (3/25, The Great IT Professional)

'Becoming A Better Leader' half-day workshop (5/28, Project World Global Virtual Conference 2021)

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Decision-making in complex, dynamic areas requires precise information about the status of the surrounding environment. This webinar explores some tools and techniques that have been used to successfully deal with and manage this hidden culture. In this webinar Scott Stribrny describes a situational awareness methodology (SAM) that is based on a set of processes and protocols that go beyond simply asking for the data from our direct reports.

  • Identify four key ideas for effective leadership.
  • Apply five leadership rules to enable disciplined actions that accomplish desired organizational outcomes that drive favorable business results.
  • Define your leadership brand in five steps.
  • Choose among six leadership styles that maximizes your effectiveness in a given situation.
  •  Identify three ways to focus your own attention, so that you may effectively direct the attention of others.
  • Get a sense of where you stand now with regard to the seven disciplines needed to make leadership competencies stick & plan improvement.

This Online half-day course provides useful and reliable procedures for making project estimates. It features hands-on application of a variety of techniques for small, medium and large projects. With the approaches covered in the course you will be able to more accurately and confidently estimate the effort and duration of projects.

This webinar will present a four-stage, eight-step process via a case study that has resulted in exceeding strategic goals across many sized organizations and improved strategic performance quality. The sequence of four steps enable a company to commit to a process that has clear expectations, incremental investment and a risk profile that reduces through each step.


Managing Change: Leveraging the Nature of People

A multitude of excellent processes and protocols for implementing change have been developed. To gain maximum effectiveness, organizations need to develop and maintain a meaningful communications process. This presentation will describe how to begin flexing your style today to improve your relationships and become a stronger, more effective leader.