Management Consulting


  • Executive Coaching
    • Establishing Your Style
    • Effective Executive Presentations
    • Indirect Leadership
  • Leadership Development
    • Developing Internal Consulting Skills
    • Managing High Performing Teams
    • Cross-functional Team Management
    • Managing Technical People

Strategy & Execution

  • Strategy Development
    • Understanding Strategy
    • Strategic Development Process
    • Good Strategy vs. Bad Strategy
    • Visioning & Ideation
  • Adaptive Execution
    • Identifying Critical Success Factors
    • Creating Alignment
    • Tracking Performance

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For over 25 years Group Atlantic has been providing Management Consulting services based on proven academic research tempered with real-world experience.


Exceptional Quality & Lasting Value—Group Atlantic Management Consulting Services are customized specifically for you and your organization.

Experiential Programs—We design experiential programs that create tangible value in the context of real-life business challenges.