Market Powered Growth


We Create & Execute Growth Strategies For Organizations Focused on Operations That Need Increased, Profitable Revenue

Working with your team, we are accountable for results, using a proven process based on Voice Of Customer (VOC).

Success Stories


Engineering Services

A $2M Engineering Services firm was too dependent on 1 client and 1 service for revenue.  Applying the MPG process led to a new service offering that achieved 10% operating income in the first year.


Residential Cookware

An $80M organization sought digital transformation of their product line.  The resulting IOT and services solution achieved resonance with the customer base & dealer network resulting in first to market innovative solutions.



A $150M manufacturer had neglected a one-time award- winning product line for years. The MPG process resulted in 9 new patent pending solutions that turned the operating income from negative to 8%.


IT Infrastructure

A $1B network infrastructure solution company had low growth and innovation for years.  The MPG process resulted in a 65% gross margin services offering that exceeded initial revenue targets.

Proven Performance




for a $300MM business unit.

Discover & Solve Unmet Customer Needs

    • We supplement your focus on operational excellence with new solutions
    • We assess, teach & execute our process to increase profitable growth

Innovate Differentiated Solutions

    • Achieve pricing power with unique offerings
    • Reduce investment risk with each process step

We Support Your Team with Experienced Collaborators

    • Respectfully challenge paradigms
    • Convert VOC into differentiable offerings

Deliver Substantial Growth

Deliver on your specific innovation and growth goals.

Apply A Process With Proven Performance

Minimize your risk exposure with our proven 4-stage, 8-step process.

Enjoy Sustainable Advantage

Establish your Market Powered Growth process as a sustainable capability.

Why Work With Us

⇒ Track record of client successes

⇒ Proven 4-stage, 8-step process

⇒ Consultants with P/L experience

Our Philosophy

“Group Atlantic’s guiding principle is to provide our customers exceptional quality and lasting value on every engagement.”

~ J. Scott Stribrny, President & Founder

Understanding shifting customer perceptions and unmet needs is the foundation of successful innovation. Market Powered Growth is a proven way to drive and sustain customer focused innovation.


  • Articulate the critical elements of a technical strategy plan.
  • Develop a technical strategy plan based on an industry accepted template.
  • Construct the technical strategy plan template with meaningful content.
  • Develop the most important part of the technical strategy which is “How to Win.”
  • Implement an actionable plan for innovation based on the proven MPG template.

This workshop will help you develop the plans that act on VOC. Turn VOC data into actionable insight — into a differentiable offering  — leveraged into profits. 


  • Articulate the critical elements of a technical strategy plan.
  • Develop a technical strategy plan based on an industry accepted template.
  • Evaluate existing VOC
  • Classify effective VOC
  • Interpret VOC into technical strategy which is “How to Win.”
  • Implement an actionable plan for innovation based on the proven MPG template. 

Group Atlantic consultants Support You To:

  • Engage and deliver on specific growth program goals.
  • Minimize risk and maximize success with our proven        4-stage, 8-step process.
  • Establish organizational process as a sustainable practice.

Gathering intelligence, AKA your 'Ground Truths' about organization innovation development capability, demands more than a simple survey.

You must be able to easily turn the data into knowledge that clearly drives effective actions.  Your organization will be assessed in the following areas:

  • strategy development
  • organizational structure
  • process
  • tools

Group Atlantic provides an expert guided process for revealing your Innovation readiness 'Ground Truths', validating & prioritizing solution options by topic, identifying & overcoming barriers to success, and measuring demonstrable progress.

“Group Atlantic’s High Performance Teams Training taught by Scott Stribrny is the best training you can get for your teams.  This training coaches the team through creating a shared mindset for defining values, responsibilities and providing and giving feedback.  Practicing the principles in this training builds a solid team vision for where they need to be and how to get there.  Within weeks, teams are functioning as one.  Scott and the training completely exceeded expectations and is highly recommended.”

~ Keith T., Walgreen Co.

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Thought leadership to achieve business results of exceptional quality and lasting value.

It is possible to overcome the obstacles of the fuzzy front-end process and deliver new, protected, innovative solutions by following a Market Powered Growth process that incorporates the Align, Discover, Pilot and Scale steps.