Business Process Mapping

Inefficient processes costing you time & money?

Gain better visibility into business operations.

Identify bottlenecks, redundancies and delays.

Identify effective actions for process improvement.

Increase communication to scale process. 

Business Process Mapping

Process Maps are the language of your business. They explain how value is created, reveal opportunities for improvement, and bring potential to life.

Group Atlantic Consultants Support You


We elicit detailed information on current business processes & create models to help visualize them, including Responsibility, Accountablility, Consultaion, and Information (RACI) Charts.


We validate existing rules and assumptions, in preparing to making processes more transparent and efficient.


We work with you to improve processes. We guide your team to solve their own problems using an effective methodology.

Current business environment has no room for inefficiencies, as it can lead the organization to losing out to their competitors, loss of customer trust and cost overruns.

Focused Approach

Organizations are now focused on the ongoing monitoring & fine–tuning of their business operations to ensure that they are performing at an optimum level.

  • Explicating current processes & thus creating a shared understanding of business processes and information flows.


  • Creating a common base of knowledge to facilitate communication among management, staff, & customers as the processes become more transparent.


  • Determining how well business processes align with enterprise KPIs & incentives.


  • Identifying strengths: what processes are working efficiently & effectively in the current environment.


  • Identifying barriers such as knowledge gaps, efficiency, or effectiveness issues.


  • Identifying opportunities for improvement in business processes & information flow.


  • Determining whether the existing computer systems can support a changed process in such way that an increase in productivity can be achieved.