Philosophy and Mission

Selected Beliefs

We believe that management consulting firms should accept shared responsibility for the long-term success of the client companies.

We believe that management consulting firms should focus on doing whatever is necessary to deliver high-quality services that are valued by the client company, without regard for revenue targets or billable activity.

We believe that it is inappropriate to approach an engagement with a preconceived or pre-packaged solution to a client problem.

Guiding Principles

The consultants involved in the proposal of services to a client will always be the ones to deliver those services.

We will assign consultants to potential client engagements in accordance with their experience and their ability to add demonstrable value.

We will accept engagements only when we believe that we will deliver excellent value.

We will structure each engagement so that our knowledge and expertise is transferred to the client organization.

All directors of Group Atlantic will be involved in the day to day delivery of client services.

Our Vision

Group Atlantic is recognized by senior executives of large corporations as the management consulting firm that provides services of exceptional quality and lasting value.