DevOps Practices

Accelerating Software Delivery Performance

Our services help our clients and their development teams remove process bottlenecks and optimize the way that they deliver software through state-of-the-art DevOps practices and tools.

Capability Analysis For Long Term Sustainability

Baseline your teams capability.

Technical Practices For Building High Performing Teams

Improve through coaching and applying state-of-the-art DevOps techniques and tools.

Applying Lean Techniques to Development Process

Eliminate waste through lean execution and DevOps automation

Our Services

  • Maturity modeling to drive improvement strategy and approach
  • Technical capability analysis (tools workflows, branching, automation, CI/CD maturity, deployment process)
  • Value stream mapping and future state
  • Linking organizational culture to DevOps strategy to drive adoption, acceptance and productivity improvements

Our Expertise

  • Experience in organizational and DevOps transformation at major enterprise and Fortune 500 companies
  • Consultants with DevOps and engineering tools workflow experience
  • Proven process steps delivering full transparency through meaningful metrics/KPIs
  • We work with teams on HOW not just WHAT

Our Goals

  • We utilize lean to help your teams spend more team coding
  • We eliminate waste through DevOps automation and seamless workflows
  • We optimize whole by creating flow through engineering tools
  • We enable predictability and consistency in execution through analytics and actionable engineering metrics
  • We create your own transformation leaders

Success Stories



A leading healthcare  equipment and digital solution company started their software transformational journey 10 years ago. The software organization of 3000+ developers went through multi year process  fundamentally changing the way how they build software, tools and technology stack they use to adopt state of the art engineering technical practices and  DevOps approach to software build and delivery. In this process they created integrated developer workflows with high level of automation . This wouldn't be possible without well orchestrated transformation strategy that included, organizational changes, ensuring right skills within development teams and implementing right DevOps tools and practices. All this along with changing technology over years (introduction of microservices, cloud technology etc.) enabled the company to be at the cutting age with their products and services, and  enabling them to deliver solutions at increased frequency while meeting their customer needs.


Big Data

A major provider of hybrid analytics software delivering big data solutions to metadata companies went through transformation with heavy focus on improving product quality through shift-left strategy and multi-platform DevOps solutions. The focus was on enabling developers to perform early developer testing across multi-cloud and OnPrem platforms using. The DevOps solution has been developed using latest cloud-agnostics deployment tools and solutions to enable fully automated environment setup, teardown, complex application deployment process and used test as a service internal solution  to perform critical continuous integration testing on a daily basis. The solution enabled whole process cycle time to go down from 12+ hours to just 3 hours  enabling development teams to catch and resolve defects  on daily basis and significantly improving code quality.

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