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PMI Chicago Risk Management Discussion Led By Group Atlantic

Group Atlantic Presenting "Right Requirements, Right Now" to IIBA LA

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Cracking the Code for Today's Project Managers"

(Listen) to Interview: "We're Gonna Be in the Hudson: Risk Management Expertise to Live By in an Economic Downturn"

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Enabling change and a culture of continuous improvement.


Group Atlantic, Inc.

Exceptional Quality. Lasting Value.

We are trusted advisors with over 20 years of proven results in helping leading corporations make substantial and lasting improvements in their performance.

That's why Group Atlantic has been recognized by senior executives as delivering management consulting servicesof exceptional quality and lasting value.

We can help your organization to achieve quality performance... to consistently identify, evaluate and avert risks and other barriers to your short-term and long-term goals.

We can help you accelerate innovation and improve processes and techniques for defining and delivering quality products and services.

We help you focus your strategy execution to ensure your workforce effectively delivers on the company's business goals. Whether the answer is a single topic-specific tactics workshop or a comprehensive strategic initiative, we will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure your long-term success.

We can help you achieve the transformation that you seek through proven and powerful organization change management strategies and techniques for successful execution.

We put proven Agile best practices to work for you, enhancing scrum team productivity and greater project reliability so your organization can deliver high quality solutions on time and within budget. 

Ask us about how we can help you with:
  • Building Leadership and Talent
  • Shaping the Organization
  • Growing Employee Engagement
  • Measuring & Metrics for Organizational Effectiveness
  • Improving Organizational Communications
  • Transitioning to Offshoring
  • Mastering Portfolio, Project Pipeline, Release and Quality Management

Group Atlantic Presenting "Organization Change Management: Successful Strategies for an Ever-Changing Environment" to over 200 at PMI Chicagoland.
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